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Hailing from the Bronx, NY, Tim $hepard is a rapper and producer. He dropped his first mixtape, $on Of $am, on April 3, 2017. He produced 90% of the mixtape. He started out rapping and eventually taught himself how to make beats when he couldn't find beats he liked online and couldn't afford to buy any beats. Later, his nephew taught him how to sample and he ended up producing 90% of "$on Of $am" himself.

He started out doing spoken word, but after becoming bored of it he started to write bars. Over the next couple of years, he ended up becoming better and trashed his original work to start recording "$on Of $am". He finally finished it in January 2017 and decided to put it on his birthday, April 3rd.

He is currently producing and writing for his next project "Beast Of No Nation", which is expected to drop Fall '17. He is also working on a lot of big other projects to put out in 2017.

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